The Needle’s Edge on Obesity: Acupuncture & Weight Loss



There is an epidemic in the United States that everyone has the potential to fall prey to. Chances are it will affect a friend or someone in your family. Or maybe it will be you.

It can cause heart problems ranging from arrhythmia to cardiac arrest. It affects respiratory functions. You may have trouble walking, difficulty sleeping, and poor circulation. It increases your likelihood for a host of other problems – diabetes, liver disease, stroke, even cancer. Its name? Obesity.

The latest statistics show that more than two-thirds of Americans are overweight. One in twenty is morbidly obese, meaning they have a BMI over 40, or are a hundred pounds or more above their ideal weight.  One in twenty. Those are numbers that Americans can no longer ignore.


Americans weren’t always fat.  In the 1950’s, the average weight of the American man was 160 pounds. At that time, fewer than 10% of the population was classified as obese. But from 1950 to 2000, obesity rates skyrocketed over 200%. Americans, both men and women, gained an average of 24 pounds. And those numbers just kept climbing. Today, in 2016, the average American man weighs in at 195 pounds.



The truth is, the modern lifestyle is completely out of balance. The advent of technology, which has improved so many aspects of our world, has drawn us further and further from our natural lives.

In the 1950s, people didn’t have constant access to junk food. They walked more, ate less, and prepared more meals at home. But the new American lifestyle has changed all that. Television, computers, DVD players and Play Stations have replaced softball and football as American pastimes. We are constantly plugged in to our phones. We work from home, but working from home is just another way of saying you’re always on company time.

We eat in the car between meetings and cook frozen pizzas for our kids.  We no longer have time to prepare meals from scratch. Instead we rely on manufactured foods, foods stripped of nutrients and stuffed with addictive substances like sugar and salt. And we wonder why we’re all fat? The truth is, we don’t just need to lose weight. We need to completely bring our lives back into balance.


The primary function of acupuncture is not to help patients lose weight, it is to bring the body back to center.  This may not sound very exciting if you’re interested in dropping that last ten pounds, but in reality it is the best thing you can do for your weight loss regimen.

A balanced body digests efficiently and maximizes its nutrient absorption.  Its hormones work together to create a lively sex drive, a sharp mind, and a lean body.   It handles stress well, reducing cortisol levels, and has enough energy to see you through a grueling workout.

Control the Cravings that Sabotage your Efforts

A needle or vaccaria seed placed at certain areas of the ear can help control the cravings that lead to binging. This method has been used successfully to treat all sorts of cravings, including drugs and nicotine. Other ear points have been known to increase feelings of satiety and reduce the desire for mindless or bored eating.

Aid Digestion


It doesn’t matter how well you eat, if your body does not absorb nutrients well you won’t get the full benefit of your diet.  Unfortunately, we were raised on white bread and sweets and cold sodas, all of which slowly deteriorate the qi, or energy, that processes your food.  Acupuncture can rebuild this energy, leading to better absorption of food, less gas and bloating, and fewer hunger pangs.

Balance Hormones

Balanced hormones are a necessity for maintaining a healthy weight. When estrogen and testosterone are off, it can make us moody and give us a low libido, as well as contributing to a sluggish metabolism and increased water retention.  Cortisol, often caused by stress, can cause stubborn belly fat.  Acupuncture can balance your hormones, not only helping to shed extra pounds, but decreasing stress levels and increasing feel-good hormones like serotonin.

Boost Metabolism

Qi is the essence of energy in Chinese medicine.  When patients are qi deficient, their energy flow is impeded.  It becomes stagnant and fat and fluid builds up in the body.  By boosting and moving qi, acupuncture opens up those energy channels, allowing the metabolism to work at its optimum level.

Promote Recovery after Exercise


Nothing can derail an exercise regimen faster than an injury.  Whether it is tennis elbow, runner’s knee, or a pulled muscle after lifting, a few needles can drastically reduce pain and inflammation and get you back in the game.

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