Random ranting.

Sometimes I really wonder, isn’t the economy more on the downside lately? Why is it so hard to “buy things”. I’m buying yet I need to service the vendor I’m buying from. This makes no sense. Maybe I got it wrong, times are actually doing so well that no one has time for business.

I give up, it’s fine, I’ll just buy from people I don’t know then. Don’t ever tell me, I never support. I tried very hard to support.

P.S. I kid you not, right down to the god damn fabric labels… I wait and wait and wait, chase and chase and chast. The only reason why I’m still bothering is cause I’ve been working with them for a long time, so there’s like a relationship that I felt a little inclined to. BUT OMG this is just annoying, my clothes are done my labels still pending. So now friends become last priority is it?!?!?!!?

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