Lunch + Dinner

I was telling baby that let’s just skip “tabao-ing” food, let’s just go out and have a meal while we go out and catch Pokemons (cause I’m pathetically under leveled, ironic aren’t it, I travel all over Singapore to meet clients but end up, I keep forgetting to just catch 1 or 2 Pokemons when I’m there, FRUSTRATING MUCH!) then head over to the cafe to meet our awesomeness mentor/partner James at COFFEE:NOWHERE to try the new drink!Anyway, the point is, I was saying…

“breakfast + lunch = brunch”

So let’s have…

“lunch + dinner = lun-ner”

And started laughing my head off, while my baby walks away into the sunset like a cold ending to a lame movie. That’s all folks.


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