Aftermath of Singapore Active Gaming…

It’s been over 10 years since I’ve done anything “game” related, and this was one of those opportunities that we just couldn’t miss out on.


It’s a really interesting story by the way, Mel and I were just randomly sharing the Wii Party idea with the good folks at ActiveSG and… unexpectedly an email came saying they liked the concept! One thing lead to another and when we least expected, we’re in the Active Enabler Programme.



From confirmation to activation, it was less than a month. It was really rather stressful, and the worst part of it all, the people that we trusted (to settle the tournament aspect), really played us out, twice. Completely unprofessional, regardless how you looked at it. Not to mention, utterly childish. To make matters worse, they pulled out four (4) days before the event, went MIA when I was desperately asking for an explanation, and did the whole chunk of proxy conversation (basically through a third party), just refusing to respond directly.

That was the part that I really couldn’t tolerate. Have some dignity and say it to our faces directly.

I still ended my last statements to them with an apology. Regardless, I truly believe most mess ups are due to somewhere somehow, some form of miscommunication. While I’d never and would never recommend working with these people, I can’t disregard that it’s still my fault as the project lead to not be able to properly manage the people. The rest of the team basically had to suffer because of my misplaced trust towards this unworthy “company”.

One lesson well learned.

Thankfully, the team as well as our partners and sponsors, and even the community, dived in to the rescue and the event was still very successful. No denying there were hiccups during the tournament but we pull through, everyone had an hell of a workout and more importantly we made many new friends! PLUS, we’re the first in Singapore to run the Pokemon themed fashion show on the day Pokemon Go released!



Now tell me that isn’t a success story worth bragging about? And no, no insiders (I wished someone had told me beforehand that Pokemon Go was releasing that day), just pure fate and luck.

I really would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors listed in; and the awesome folks from iSG and NUT for coming down to support!



The Eugenes are AWESOME, the best there is.

More importantly Nova Artiste Management, for picking up the pieces.


Here at SAUCEink, we’ve officially released our SAUCEink Gaming portal at With support from (hopefully) the community and leaders, the gaming editorial team and contributors; we hope to be able to grow the community and create more exciting experiences for all the enthusiast out there (for now mainly Singapore and… I’ll be heading back to Philippines, Manila in October, so there too)!

(Thanks Nicholas and Kelvin, from SCOGA, for coming down to support!)

I’d love to connect, register at and @sabrina to contact me!

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