Shopbop’s BIG SALE this April!

I swear, doing a startup is crazy. Everyday I’m working till late, I have no time to shop, I have no time for just about everything. Sometimes I question if it’s even worth it. Thankfully, ever once in a while, Shopbop reminds me to take a break with their not to miss SALES!

I mean, if you think about it, it’s not everyday you get 25 percent off products. It’s a good enough reason for me to drop what I’m doing and actually… well… stock up on what I need to… WEAR!

Okay, so what’s trending this season? Here’s some Alexis, For Love & Lemons, Ulla Johnson, Little White Lies, St. Roche, CLU, Velvet, Rachel Zoe… and a ton more!

Seriously, start shopping before you missed it again!

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