Welcome the year of the pig with a bang – Shopbop style!

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It’s still Chinese New Year and nothing signifies a fresh start like brand new sets of OOTDs that will make sure you never run out of luck this year. As the year of the pig begins, it’s all about setting the right OOTD to get rid of the old (and out-of-style) items in your closet and welcome the new, modern and chic outfits that will put you at the top of your fashion game. No more lazy outfits, it’s all about the glam.

For your Chinese New Year OOTD, Shopbop has you covered from head-to-toe.

Alexis Rosmund Dress

Look hot and unforgettable in this red frilly dress from Alexis—nothing says festive and good luck like a popping bright red! Plus, you wouldn’t want to miss being the centre -of -attention with this one-of-a-kind dress!

Tory Burch Sherpa Pig Pom Pom Key Fob

Didn’t we say people are going crazy for animal-themed items this year? Especially this cute Sherpa Pig Pom Pom Key Fob, you will be in theme and in perfect style with this must-have.

Madewell Agnes Stretch Bracelet

They say bright colours bring a lot of positivity in your life and that’s what your OOTDs are precisely for turning bad days into the best ones! Add this beaded gem to your outfit, and sure enough, no day will ever be wrong!

McGuire Denim Throwback Sweatshirt

For streetwear enthusiasts, your OOTD will never be the same with this fresh and crisp sweatshirt that takes us back to the 70s. Nothing says best -dressed like Austin Powers-themed outfits!

Luv Aj Mini Bezel Cultured Pearl Hoop Earrings

If you’re opting for simple this New Year, go for some outstanding accents to give your look an upgrade. Try this pair of studded hoop earrings for a modern twist to your cheongsam.

Tory Burch Eleanor Flats

Pick the right shoe lest you start the year on (literally) the wrong foot! Okay, we made that up but you can’t deny that this beautiful pair from Tory Burch has just the right touch of femininity with its big red bow without overdoing it. Perfect for walking house-to-house during Chinese New Year visits!

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