Romantic Touches for Your Wedding

When a couple is truly in love and ready to get married, chances are that they want their wedding to be as romantic and memorable as possible. If you’ve found the right person with whom you’ll share the rest of your life, then you will only need to plan your wedding once and want it to be as perfect as possible. Though most of us have been to enough weddings to know most of the traditional elements that make up the ceremony and reception, most couples are always in search of something that will make their wedding stand out from the ordinary and really make it more fun for all of the guests that come to witness the event.

As a wedding planner for the last six years, I have done a lot of research and discovered all sorts of great romantic touches for your wedding that you probably wouldn’t have considered. Below, you will find some details about my favourite ones to help you find the special things that will make your wedding day perfect.

Ceremony Decorations

When it comes to decorating for your ceremony, the little details always make the biggest impression. Though details are important in all aspects of decorating at your wedding, the ceremony is the most important because it is the actual event to tie you together as a married couple. Once of my favorite things to do is to hang flowers off the back of each chair to add a beautiful look and smell for all of the guests. Best of all, you can encourage them to take a flower with them after the ceremony to bring along to the reception hall.

Also, I like to sprinkle rose petals along the aisle where the groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and brides will be making their processional and recessional to add some extra charm and romance. The color to choose is both a matter of personal preference as well as based on the color scheme or location of your ceremony.

For instance, if you are having an outdoor ceremony, you could use red rose petals with a white aisle runner for contrast, or flip it around and use white rose petals on a red aisle runner. For indoor weddings, you can choose your rose petal color based on the color of the carpeting or tile, or you can use an aisle runner just like the outdoors scenario.


Fun Reception Activities

Almost everything you will be doing at your wedding reception is sure to be fun, but adding in fun little details can really go a long way. My personal favorite way to add a touch of fun and romance to a reception is to hand out wedding sparklers to all of the guests for the greeting line. Essentially, every guest will have a lit sparkler to greet you immediately after the ceremony as you enter the reception hall. This effect is particularly fun in the evening when the sparklers really light up the night. Optionally, you can do this same technique at the end of the night when you are making your exit to head off to the honeymoon; either way is super fun and romantic.

Also, playing fun and romantic games during the reception can make everything much more exciting and break up the monotony in-between the larger events. For instance, as you prepare to serve the meal, you could have each table draw a card from a deck and the table with the highest card gets to go first. Another fun game is to have all the married couples kiss when the wine glasses start to be chimed for the bride and groom. Not only is this super romantic, but it usually cuts down on the amount of interruptions you have while trying to eat your meal.

By adding some fun, romantic, and simple decorations, games, and props to your wedding ceremony and reception, you can make the entire event more memorable for you and your guests.

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