HAPPY BUSINESS HAPPY LIFE (1-Day Women Mastermind)

I cannot express how exciting and stressful this is! It’s been years since I last did a workshop like this, and I’m still having some doubts whether or not I can pull it off. The only saving grace is that I’m talking about something that I’m absolutely familiar with, this platform, so there’s less preparation needed. The more questions the better, makes me talking to myself a lot less taxing.

Plus of course, we’re prep-ing for the SAUCEacademy (almost done, almost), so regardless, I’ll be doing this “talk” either way.

During this talk, I’ll be sharing with the ladies out there, how to 1. create your own website with our drag and drop system 2. utilise the various technical and marketing tools the platform provides 3. how to focus your digital marketing… and more! That’s not all. As you can see, there’s a few amazing ladies during this workshop, sharing on various aspects of creating an online business you love! So what are you waiting for?

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