Tips of Purchasing an Engagement Ring Online

It isn’t hard to shop online, but most people require constant remainders as to what they should go for and where to find it affordably. When shopping for a ring to use in your proposal, make it personal and special if you want the answer you get to be “Yes”.

Getting engaged is a very big deal and it is always wise to make it mind blowing and memorable if you are looking for a “Yes”. Popping the question is always stressing especially for the guy who does not know his fate. If you were to propose and the lady declines your offer, it would be really embarrassing and demoralizing. You need to make it such that she says yes, you can achieve this by choosing one of the many engagement rings designs available in the most jewelry stores. You will need to think about it and plan how to acquire the best rings for getting engaged. You need to find the perfect venue too, especially one that you both have some good memories of. Here are some tips that will help guide you purchase the right ring for the proposal:

Knowing the Right Measurements

Shopping for your diamond engagement ring online will require you to have the right measurements of your girlfriend’s ring finger to ensure that she gets the right sized ring. Although you can always return the ring if it does not fit and have it resized, you will look like someone who invested his time in finding the right ring, which is a plus to the lady you are asking to marry you. You can find some creative ways of finding the size of her ring finger such as pretending that you are buying your sister or even your mother a ring and you need a reference finger to use. Or if you want the proposal to be a complete surprise, just ask a friend of hers who you know can keep such a secret till you propose. You should know that your dominant hand’s fingers will be a bit larger than those of your other hand, keep this in mind while taking your measurements.

Choosing a Gem for the Ring

You will have a very wide variety of different types and colors of gems for you to choose form if you are shopping for your engagement rings online. You can go with diamonds, rubies, pearls, gold, platinum or silver. When choosing the gem that you will be using for your ring, you should know that the shape of the gem matters a lot. For example, if you opt for diamonds gems that are not round in shape, you will save up to forty percent more than a person who uses a round shaped diamond gem.

Choosing a Metal to Set the Ring

If you have opted for diamonds as your gems of choice, you need to know that the setting metal that you use will matter a lot. You can either use yellow, white or rose gold and platinum metals for the setting of your diamond engagement ring. White gold and platinum are the commonly used metals and they look a lot alike. White gold is cheaper than platinum and you can use it to save on the money you will be spending for the engagement.


Shopping online makes it very easy for you to find all the styles of engagement rings that you would like to choose from. This way you will be able to find one ring that is unique and that expresses what you find hard to put to words.

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