The best wedding rings for you this 2018

It’s amusing how the biggest question of your life can start with something so small, but few garments are as iconic as the wedding ring. It’s a crucial jewel for a crucial moment, and you want to make sure you choose a good one – if you are lucky, you’ll keep it around for the rest of your life!

That’s why we bring you this exquisite collection of wedding rings so that you can choose the best one for you and your dear one.

Rose gold

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Rose gold is back! We’ve loved it in makeup and clothes, and of course rings are not the exception. It’s the perfect colour for giving girls a delicate touch, and that’s why we get cutely designed jewlery like Ashley Schekein’s Morganite And Diamond Halo Engagement Ring.

Diamonds full of colours

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Sometimes we have to break the rules and put our own touch to things, and this is the ring if you are not afraid of showing who you are. These diamond’s range of colours go from warm yellow to pitch black and give it a very distinctive shine. The best thing, your favourite colours is guaranteed to be here! We love the Incanto Royale Designer Rings, Sapphire and Diamond with a sapphire and a line of small diamonds.

Floral Designs

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This delicate ring is perfect for those who love nature and the outdoors. It’s a complex design, but one you can’t let escape you because of it’s memorable and lifelong-lasting design. Just look at this Daisy Chain Ring and judge for yourself.

Vintage designs

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There are few things more elegant than vintage rings, and these are special for those that have a strong personality and ain’t afraid of speaking out loud (about their love for the old-fashioned!) Could this Engraved Pave Ring with Wedding Band in 14K White Gold be for you?

Princess cut

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This is the most classic ring cut, the one that makes couples feel like royalty, Princess cuts come in multiple varieties of gold, from classic to white and the favorite of the season, rose gold, so there are no excuses not to choose a design like this Classic Seven Stone Princess Cut Diamond Ring.

Stacking Bands

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Stacking Bands are super customizable, put together as many bands as you wish and the sky’s the limit with this ring. Its design of two crown-shaped bands fit together to form the larger ring, and with irresistible pieces like this Braided Halo Engagement Ring, how could your couple say no?

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