Reset. Back to Basics.

It took me months to think about this, and to be honest, I’m still pretty much contemplating about it. When the thing you love most becomes your job, in one way or another, you just have this restrain… it’s a little hard to explain and thinking about it in my head right now… it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. That said, the truth is, that is what it is. Just writing what I’m writing now is somewhat forcing letters from the tip of my fingers onto my keyboard to form what we call, words.

Every other week, I tell myself, I have to restart, I have to do this regardless. And every week, I pull it off to the next. NO MORE. The trick to kickstarting something is to just do it, and even if it’s not the smoothest or produces the best results, it’s okay; at least you tried. This is kind of my “way of life” to some extent. Whenever I feel like I don’t want to do it, or I’m lazy, I just force myself and just start working on it. And after a couple of hours, I realise, “OH” it’s done.

Am I making any sense?

My point is, I’m going to start blogging again. I feel like my memory will one day fail me and my thoughts is what makes me, me. I don’t think it matters all that much to share my life with the world per se, but more of sharing my thoughts. Now, that sounds a little narcissistic, but it’s okay, it’s my blog, my thoughts, I’d say what I think in the most politically accurate manner I can phrase it.

More importantly people, I’ll be writing on SAUCEink. I’ve told myself a million times that I should and I would, but I keep putting it off. While it’s important to keep the business running, making ends meet; the whole point of creating SAUCEink started from me wanting to have something more than just a blog. I ended up not blogging and not writing articles at all. See the irony of life?

Going back to basics. Reset.

Oh man, I wish we can quickly find out investor and just move along with the new phrases already. I feel stuck right now, everything is going smoothly (development sense), collaborations are going well, but we just need more capital to just boost it. And with that, I can really concentrate a little more and focus on the quality.

Anyone care to fund me? Pretty please?

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