“Let’s think about this for a second.”

I thought I’d just blog about this, since it’s something that I was thinking about for a while now and it so happens my Facebook wall decided to share my sentiments/thoughts.

I run both SAUCEink (check out the latest issue of the magazine) and PRINCESSA. In terms of marketing both business, they are relatively similar, yet vastly different. SAUCEink requires enormous amount of data, the more data/content the better, the more digital inventory/products the better; while PRINCESSA is restricted to how much physical space we have.

In terms of churning the daily/weekly content/materials, there’s practically no difference; it’s a lot more fun in terms of working the content for SAUCEink than PRINCESSA, but the routine is more or less identical. That said, if we talk about potential growth, PRINCESSA would depend a lot on cashflow, while SAUCEink requires, well… network/reach; so I’d really have to say that SAUCEink has a much higher potential at this point (unless of course, someone decides that they love my brand so much they want to throw me a couple of million to really attain the retain chain management concept I have in my head, I wish).

In all honesty, if I had to pick one, I’d probably forgo PRINCESSA, not that I actually need to. SAUCEink gives me the opportunity to explore more creativity and concepts, digital and otherwise; while PRINCESSA, again, restricts me to how much output capacity I have.

I don’t think I’m being very precises here, just random thoughts at 1am in the morning.

If you have questions about how to start your own fashion brand, online business or startup per se, drop me a message/comment, I’d be glad to assist, if I can.

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