The Guide to Cosmetic, Dental and Plastic Surgery

I’ve always been a fan of content driven sites, and Beautysetter so happens to be one of those sites that gives you just that bit more “ahhh”-aftereffect. I like the motto “be prepared,” it’s one of the many things I believe in.

Again, similar to my last website review, the articles in Beautysetters are like short stories, compiled not a book – which would probably be called Beautysetters, if it were really a book.

For example, the “Complete guide on dental implant cost” – literally the complete guide – consist of a content table, where it presents the breakdown of the topics covered within the “guide” itself.

It’s one of those articles I’m up for cause I’m planning to work on my dental care. While I’m somewhat blessed with a nice set of teeth, I wouldn’t want them to turn bad as I age. Sad to say, Singapore is ranking one of the most expensive Asian countries to get this done -_-“ sigh. Think I’ll go back to Philippines to get this done instead.

In line with the cost guide, there’s also the “Cheap dental implants: 10 ways to get affordable dental implants” – which is great, but not exactly targeted at my current geo-location.

Want to find out more about Beautysetter? Log on your browser and type in now.

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  1. hi sabrina,
    thanks for the kind words to present our small blog about plastic and dental surgery, which will hopefuly grow over time 😉 we work hard to propose good content, and will do our best to keep on track 🙂