Fashion Addicts – 4 Ways to Save Money Shopping Online

Thanks to the internet and the invention of smart phones, tablets, and laptops having access to the new season clothing ranges has never been easier. There is however, one problem with that, and that is the fact that most of us are not blessed with a never-ending bank balances. I like to think I am fairly thrifty even though I do spend a good amount of money on clothes every month. With this thrifty mind-set and desire for clothes I have developed some ways I save money every time I’m shopping for clothes online. These tips will help save you a small fortune when shopping online.

Select Wisely Where You Shop

So you might of seen a lovely pair of shoes at your favourite shoe website, do you just go ahead and buy straight away? No! Hold that thought and do a Google for that exact same pair of shoes. Open up 10 plus websites with them on comparing for the cheapest price. Also you can take advantage of Google Shopping and sort the list of results by cheapest first. You’ll always find someone else selling what you want cheaper elsewhere!

Cashback? Yes Please!

Cashback websites are a great way of getting back a little something pretty much every time you shop. They have a list of shops where you can get anywhere from 1 to 40 percent or more cashback on what you order. There are many websites offering this type of thing such as Quidco. It’s not complicated either, once you have signed up you just have to find the store you’re purchasing from on the cashback website and click on a special link. Then once you’ve made the purchase you’ll see the cashback automatically appear in your account. You do have to wait a few weeks to receive the cashback which I think is in case you refund the item.

Online Outlet Stores

Yes they exist online to, the likes of TK Maxx, Asos’s Outlet and not to mention (have I mentioned how much I love Victoria Beckham…), enable us to get branded goods for up to 70 percent of the original value. I remember being a teenager routing through the aisles of TK Maxx thinking it was fun trying to find a bargain, that soon wore off. Now you don’t have to go rummaging through aisles of clothes, you can shop online and browse from the comfort of your own home taking away that agro of trying to find a bargain.

Discount Discount Discount

Practically every shop you’re buying from online will have a little field where you can enter a code in order to get a discount. Getting a discount has never been so easy! You might be thinking but I don’t have a code? It doesn’t matter websites have been setup in order to provide these for us. You can hop on to MyVoucherCodes or Money Saving Expert to see what discounts are available and usually end up saving between 5 to 20 percent. With stores you shop at regularly be sure to sign up to their email list as then they will often email you discount codes directly. That usually means shopping more because they email you lovely things but so what as long as we save a few pounds in the process.

By following the above tips when you next go on an online spending spree you’re sure to save a few pounds. Remember those pounds add up which you can then spend on what else you like, even if it be more money for your next spending spree like me!

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