Fly Away at The Lobby – café and bar?

I’ve loved this song since forever, now this is music, somewhat. But it’s not about this MV really, it’s about The Lobby.

Yesterday, The Lobby opened its doors to patrons for the very first time and for the launch my baby was invited to perform (which is really why I went to begin with, the hardcore fan/groupie that I am)!

It’s not the typical kind of café and bar launch I expected. I was thinking of it to be a lot more posh-ish. To my greatest surprise, I arrived at an open concept, OPENED café and bar somewhere in the west of Singapore. When I say open, I really do mean open. Think club house cafes by the pool side, just without a pool.

That said, it was amazing.

The performance was amazing!


When it comes to music, so long as baby is around, it’d be two thumbs up for sure. The keyboardist Mark was great too. But it was really the breeze that left the most distinct impression.

I was typing away on my laptop when suddenly a big one hit us and my keyboard protector just flew away! (Now, that explains the title of this entry doesn’t it?)

Okay, okay, guess we can’t not talk about food at a café and bar, can we?

Heard of cordon bleu? No, not Martell, hell no; though they do serve hard liquor too. I’m talking about the cordon bleu chicken.


Here’s how it’s made (one of the means at least)…

While I loved the breeze, the fact that they had a pool table, the open concept, and they got my baby to perform… it was really not at all impressive.

As a foodie, I know good food when I eat it, and this was far from excellent. Not to mention, the price tag really wasn’t justifiable at all, in food perceptive that is. That said, it was really short handed, so that might be the reason for its lack of quality. The service, despite all, was extremely… friendly. People were all smiles, even when clearing the empty plates on our tables.

Overall, the experiences was good, despite the food and the not so idea location. If you’re working around the area, it’s really a nice place to lay back and have a couple of drinks.

My baby and Mark.

My baby is the most handsome-est baby in the world!

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