Outpost Bar & Bistro Grand Opening

Located at the St. James Power Station along 3 Sentosa Gateway, Outpost is fast becoming Singapore’s homeground to enjoy live music by veteran and upcoming local artists including, HubbaBubbas, AlphaBeat, Jack & Rai, Rob Collins and Stephen Francis, Juni Goh and Goh Ming Wei.


I missed the email invitation, fortunately, a dear old friend Eugene, better known as Numbskull (an icon in the gaming world long long ago) dropped me a text about it.


Quickly, I gathered a couple of friends and made it for the 2nd day of the grand opening.


It came as a surprise really, the text that is. In fact, my first questions was, “Who’s this??” He never really texted me before, so it was quite a surprise. The last we met was at ZoukOut, more than a year back (not the last, the one before that).

So anyway, Ling, Max, Alex and myself attended together.


Max was a new friend. In fact, that day was the first time we met. The three didn’t really know each other. The group was pretty much a mix of my randomness. There’s a funny story that leads up afterwards, but I’ll disclose it later in this entry.


Eugene was nice enough to book me a table right in front of the stage. Unfortunately, I was a little out of touch with the night scene, and couldn’t really adapt to the loud music, which was good, no doubt.


We made our way outdoors instead, and conveniently took over an unoccupied table (it was previously, they left, fortunately).


There, the group got to know each other better, and I worked my charms to make everyone helplessly uncomfortable with my awkward gestures, topics, and what-not. It’s one of those things I tend to do to see how people react. Priss says I’m a sociopath. I laughed.


This really isn’t about my psychological hiccups.

If not mistaken, Eugene happens to be one of or the boss-man of the bar. Last I remembered, he was with a pets magazine that Jamie, who unfortunately is no longer with us, managed. That’s a whole different story altogether.

The concept of Outpost was pretty admirable.


Outpost believes in friends.

We believe in the magic that hearty drink, well prepared food and an unpretentious setting tuned to carefully curate live acoustic sounds are the perfect complements to sublime company after a day’s work.

Step away from the hustle, tune out the bustle. Welcome to Outpost.


I’m not going to go into the architectural setup of the space, what I can say is that it’s really cosy. Spacial environment aside, the waitress really dazzled and left a really deep impression (didn’t catch her name though). She humoured my irritation and patiently introduced the beverages (fyi, the premium selection covers over 100 beverages) to us. I constantly emphasized on how was not going to drink, ended up asking for alcoholic recommendations, but ordered sparkling water at the end of it. Haha. See what I mean about irritation?


We were somewhat hungry, so Max ordered the Trio Mini Burgers, which was supposed to be shared, but I ended up barely touching it. Ling had dips on it.

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a lay-back, chill-out bar with great local musical talents, food and drinks; Outpost Bar & Bistro is the place to be.


We left pretty early. Next stop… horror. Blog again. Oh yes, about the funny story, I’ll tell you about it in the next entry.

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