Retro, florals, polka dots and tartans – How to pick the right outfit for 2015

With the constantly changing fashion trends in women’s clothing department, you never know what to expect design-wise next season. Still, there are some fool-proof styles that never go out of fashion, and a handful of most likely design candidates that will claim their place on Australian streets and the global market in the season to come. So, if you want a quick trend update and some useful outfit recommendations for 2015, we have a few pieces of advice for you right here.

Back to the Classics: Look for bold colors and sporty cuts

One of the most probable fashion crazes in spring 2015 will be sporty outfit in bold colors. Bright polos with wide stripes, vibrantly-colored parkas, long-sleeve T-shirts with solid prints, single-tone drawstring-waist sweatshirts and other casual grabs will make a major comeback in Australia next season, so if you want to keep up with the latest trends, make sure you dig up your college jacket, cap hats and crew necks or get a new pair at the local department store.

Make a Show: Feathers, tassel and gauzy dresses

Fashion will be fashion – beauty comes first, and any design that accentuates the figure while adding a special visual flavor will always be in. Next year, the popular trend will aim to both please and embellish so for spring and summer 2015, expect lots of deep-colored plumes, light beads and lots of multicolor tassel, along with transparent skirts and dresses that show just enough body to turn some heads without being overly aggressive or gaudy.

Something Old, Something New: Retro designs and Solid Tones

Just like the little black dress, a retro one-piece bathing suit is a must for any chic ladies’ swimwear collection. Next summer, vintage-looking swimsuit designs with polka dots and geometric shapes will be very popular on the beach, with high-cuts, quaint monokinis and V-necklines after every woman’s taste. Also, expect to see lots of solid colors and single tones instead of the usual pastels because stable tones tend to put emphasis on skin tan instead of the beachwear. Florals will still be in, though, just try not to overdo your beach style with overly vibrant colors.

No More Dieting: Athletic built is in This Summer

Unlike in the past few years, this year’s fashion is more oriented to suit athletic instead of excessively slim models. No more pre-holiday starving, salad-based diets or struggling with the scales – the shelves with fashionable ladies’ swimwear in Australia and the rest of the world will aim to bring out the best features of your athletic body, abs and muscles instead of bare bones, microscopic waists and see-through veins.

Fashion works in mysterious ways – designers sometimes overdo their artistic touches, and sometimes catwalk outfits seem way too casual to be considered genuine upmarket. Next year, however, women’s fashion will show its true colors with some beautiful feminine clothing models and strong and solid body contours at their best, so buckle those sports bras – and throw some beads and V-cuts on top.

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