A Look at UK’s homegrown Fashion Brand, Traffic People

Designer clothing is at the aspirational end of the women’s clothing market. Everyone wants the label, so, where do we start?

There are a few obvious big labels that come to mind – many of them really very exclusive – for those lucky ladies with big cash to burn. If you watch the latest up and coming labels that only the best dressed girls have then you will find it a real relief to know that it is possible to get your hands on some of that celebrity style without the jaw-dropping price tag attached.

Many high street retailers now have their own faux ‘designer’ collections, or have pulled celebrities on board to ‘help’ design clothing lines exclusively for them only. At the end of the day, it is all really just a trick to heighten the profile of their own in-house ‘designer label’. All they are really doing is offering an expensive ‘price point’ version of their everyday women’s clothing. It is often going to be unimaginative clothing that has been cheaply mass produced to sell to a market desperate for some of that celebrity style but with no real substance.

In the end, it all starts to look rather similar. Don’t get me wrong, there are some truly beautiful designer cocktail dresses available today in the UK, but most are not really all that stunning so not worth a big outlay of your hard-earned cash.

Talking of cocktail dresses smaller, less well known UK dresses specialist designers have rapidly moved to the forefront of this particular style and rightly so. There are some lovely boutique designer labels in the UK punching above their weight and even making inroads to that bastion of style, Italy! In my humble opinion, even some of Milan’s leading fashion houses have now started to take note of this movement, which is great for the UK’s fashion industry! And long may it continue because, for me, there are loads of lovely refreshing dress designs and ideas coming to the fore that I personally find pretty inspirational.

Why is the UK becoming so good at producing stunning cocktail dresses for a new global audience? Well, perhaps it is the good old stiff British upper lip that is giving our home grown designs a little something that sets them apart. The pride shown by some of these UK designers is wonderful to behold and, to put it bluntly, inspiring after a few years of tedium. With the emergence of new big economies such as China and India onto the world’s stage, the market has never looked healthier for niche UK dress designers that are at the top of their game!


Traffic People, one of the fastest rising UK stars is now busy producing some of these aforementioned cocktail dresses and is therefore fast becoming a real UK success story and is definitely one to watch. With TP, perhaps it is the heady mix of retro inspired clothing and a good realistic price tag that is making their cocktail and party dresses somewhat irresistible. You can compare their prices to the likes of Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins, River Island and Zara but the pieces are unlike anything you would find on any of their high street rails.


If you want to stand out from the crowd then Traffic People offer both style and substance with genuine designer clothing on offer at reasonable and affordable prices. I think in the end the beauty behind their cocktail dresses in particular is, in part due to their never ending devotion to providing a modern fashion conscious consumer market a real taste of the old mixed with just a little of the new and something inexplicably and quintessentially English.


Modern Boutiques such as Traffic People are proving that you really don’t need to be an A-list celebrity or a business mogul’s wife to be able to afford gorgeous dresses. There are also wonderful accessories and enviable vintage retro touches available to complete your demure sexy party girl look. Your wardrobe could be given a red carpet look with minimal effort and little expenditure thanks to catching these rising stars before the crowds do.

Those lucky ladies that are searching for cocktail dresses in the UK have never had it so good!

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