Made for Music 2014 – Support Mavis!

Okay people, I’m “resharing” this again cause I can’t even find it on my Facebook wall anymore. Bleh. Anyway, anyone wanna go with me for the event?! Going to support Mavis!

Apparently, there’s a slight popular contest mechanics going on. Takes up 20 percent of votes.

This is how it supposedly works: 8 votes for 1 bucket of 5 Budweiser, entitled to entry for 3 people. Apparently you get a chance to win the lucky draw too. I so want to get the PlayStation!!! Wahahaha then can play console with my baby!ο»Ώ ;P


Okay, so the event is on Thursday, October 30, 2014 at Scarlet City, AMK Hub level 4 from 7pm to 10pm! I’m not going for the 31st one, since I have no one to support, so it’s either this Thursday you go with me, or… yeah… you’ll have to go yourself?


If you do hop over, come by and say hi to me kay! Also, PLEASE VOTE for MAVIS and NO ONE ELSE, cause I said so lolx. Actually…

Vote for her cause she’s awesome and she’s part of my baby’s band, Monday Blues Bandο»Ώ! (I’m still working on their website. Give me a week or so.) And…

The above was something they did back in June, live at Shuffle.

This one is pretty amazing too!!! I stole these from Mingwei’s YouTube, he’s this other guitarist/vocalist that Mavis works with. Anyway, OMG damn awesome vocals or what!!! Super love the song! You can’t not agree that this is probably the best vocals in the competition, no?!

Okay one last one before I end this entry.

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! It’s a funny story… yesterday, I was listening to my Adele CD (yes, I actually still buy CDs, OMFG right?!) and I kinda got addicted to this song. While writing this entry, I kinda digital stalked Mavis a little, for content sake, and I saw this cover she did! >.<

Join me at Made for Music 2014!

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