It’s a matter of (dis)trust?

They say, “Trust is earned.” I’d say, “Distrust is earned.”

By default, I already trust you, and I will continue trusting you (with as much trust as I have for every other individual) till the point, you lose it. It’s a difficult, yet simple process. And trust me, when I say, to earn that trust back, is close to impossible. It’s a lot easier to just make a new friend altogether.

When you lose faith in a person, there’s really little that can be done to really salvage it. Words are second guessed, actions are suspicious, almost anything and everything that person does is questionable. It’s like losing faith in your religion.

We believe in whatsoever religion it may be, due to faith. Whether we gain anything in the process, is secondary. So long as no bad is done, it is good. When bad is done, you start to wonder, where’s the good to begin with? Suddenly, expectations start surfacing, and disappointment come about.

Generally, we don’t have much expectations of our friends – a listening ear from time to time, a cup of coffee, a “happy birthday” or such. Pretty much the basics, really.

Disappointment arises when you give your word to something, whatever it may be, and that word was somehow broken, regardless the cause, and never accounted for. Somehow or other, you just suddenly feel, “Is this worthwhile?” Gradually, you start becoming more cautions of what is said, you become doubtful of what is done, and when nothing really happens to change the situation, it’d hit you… dum dum dum “Okay, forget it.”

Slowly, but surely, you back away, I back away. And when you no longer see me, I’m gone.

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