I predict I’m going to be in MIA mode once again…
Just a wild guess, I can sense the coming of…

As much as I prefer to not indulge in another whirlwind chain of events, guess somethings just happen simply because.

At the end of the day, we’ll look back and wonder, so… what actually happened? Puzzled, and go, “Ah well, can’t be helped I suppose.”

To live with regret, might as well, look forward. The world really doesn’t revolve around any particular individuals.

I’ve grown to accept that this world is all about unfulfillment.

In all possibility, I might really end up soul-less. It’s all about knowledge and power, nothing more, nothing less. – Orochimaru


In the perfect life, everyone would have their very own Takumi Usui, my one true love. – Kaichōu wa Maid-sama

Life should be like anime.



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