Apples and apples…


Advertising per se is a tricky little thing. When I say I sell apples and when I say I sell green apples, the understanding/effect/expectation/etc is different. Red apples are the norm. When I say I sell apples, the general perception of people is that the apples are red. However, if I specify and say I sell green apples, that somewhat becomes a USP (sort of). So if I actually sell both red and green apples though specialisng in green, it’s preferable just to say I sell apples. Alternatively, you could also say, I sell apples but specialise in green.

The words you choose/use to describe something is VERY important. Keep it clear, specific but not overglorify in your disadvantage. There’s a thin line between overglorification and misrepresentation. Keep to the facts, but of course, use words to flatter it.

Of course, this is just an example. I don’t sell apples.

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