20 Things People Over 20 Should Stop Doing

Jarrid Wilson is a husband, pastor and author whose motivation is to help others find their identity in Christ. Jarrid is currently studying biblical studies and theology through Liberty University, and he plans to continue his education by obtaining a Master of Divinity.

Pastor, ahhh… that explains the charisma.

I really like blogs with a “mission” so to speak. I mean, lifestyle blogs with tons of photos are great, but somehow it kinda lacks that dept I look for in a good read. Of the many entries Jarrid wrote that caught my attention, this was one I thought I needed to share: 20 Things People Over 20 Should Stop Doing. Like Jarrid, I’m guilty to many as well.


1. Playing video games instead of looking for a job. I beg to differ but unfortunately, I cannot. As a once-upon-a-time gamer girl, I should stand by the gamers and reject that who says otherwise. That who claims gaming has no future. I should stand by that who still have a little faith that one day, maybe one day… cyber athletes can really make a decent living playing their favouite games. But until that day comes along, today, it’s not sustainable to play games as it can take up a lot of valuable time that could be better spent on more important areas of life.

2. Spending money you don’t have. Guilty as charge, with the accumulated debt, I’ve become ‎Becky Bloomwood. Truth be told, because credit cards are so easy to swipe, if you don’t keep track of your expenditure, you’re gonna be in trouble. My advise (I’ve been there done that), stick to cash, debit, or cheques. This may seem old-school, but they will definitely help you manage your money.

3. Using the term “YOLO”? This I don’t get, but I’d say, jut stop using it.

4. Only going to church to find a relationship. This sounds really lame, so just don’t do it. That said, if it happens, it happens. Just don’t let it be your main objective of going to church.

5. Citing “Google” on a college paper or work presentation. Dum, dum, dum…

6. Thinking you know it all. Imagine if every conversation just revolves around one person’s opinion? That wouldn’t be all that fun, would it? It’s always better to share and learn, it’s the modern society after all – it’s all about “social”.

7. Dating with no vision. I don’t really get this, but I suppose, as confused as I am with what it means, is probably the extent of the confusion Jarrid meant when he said, “You’re confusing your heart and hurting the hearts of others.”

8. Demanding respect before you’ve earned it. Prove it. Haven’t you heard? Talk is cheap. If you’re good, it’d show. Learn to scrub the floors before you ask to manage the building.

9. Waiting until you’re done with school before you start paying off your loans. You don’t want to be in a situation where you end up with nothing. Get the foundation right; score well, get a good job, then start paying off your loans. It’d be tough, but if you put your mind and heart to it, you’d definitely succeed.

10. Getting into arguments over social media. The saying goes, “Don’t hang your dirty laundry in public.” Despite Jarrid’s take about, “No body wants to see your drama on their news feed.” I actually think they do. Thing is, after you’ve calmed down and thought about it, who have you really shamed? The person you’re ranting about, or yourself?

11. Blaming others for your own mistakes. See, I’m used to taking the blame these days, it makes little difference. Sometime, pride is really overrated. And usually, it’s not pride we’re talking about, it’s ego.

12. Relying on your mother and father to always bail you out of trouble. The word we’re looking for here is independence. I’m quite fortunate really, lately, I have my dar dar to rely on and I feel quite pleased about it. That said, I’ve got a job now. So yes, so much for reliance.

13. Calling off work for no reason. Need I say more?

14. Ignoring wisdom from people who are older than you. I’m self-centered but I’m still opened to discussion. I don’t know it all, but I’m willing to read to find out more, and ask when unsure. It’s always good to hear what others have to say, it can shine some light on the situation.

15. Thinking minimum wage is worse than no job at all. A job is a job, if income is something you need, any amount, till you can find better, is good income. Give your full attention to any job, no matter the pay.

16. Pretending like you didn’t know any better. An ignorance act can only let you off that many times. It’s time to learn to own up to your mistakes and take each failure as an opportunity to learn.

17. Using the excuse, “I’m too young.” Sadly, I’m too old. I’ve never let age stop me from anything (legal), so you shouldn’t too. Even if you’re really too young, you could “intern” first – gain some knowledge and skill – then do it for real when the time is ripe. Anyway, over 20, you’re definitely old enough for just about everything.

18. Living in the moment, instead of planning for the future. I agree with Jarrid that one should, “Be diligent and plan for the future. Give yourself some goals, dreams, and future aspirations. Give yourself something to wake up for in the morning.” That said, you should also enjoy and live in the moment. Life is just that long/short.

19. Giving up before you start. Stop making excuses. Excuses won’t get you anywhere. Better to try and fail then to regret never trying. At least you will learn something. GO GO GO!

20. Being Passive. I’m hoping to attain passive income, but that hasn’t really stopped me from moving aggressively towards it. Get what I mean?

P.S. I altered a large portion of what Jarrid said to my own. If it doesn’t seem to make sense, you might want to read the original copy.

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