Where’s that “Island of Us?”

Amazing blog: http://islandofus.wordpress.com. I have to say, this blog takes my addiction to the MBTI to a whole new level.

I’m almost desperate to contact this author and compile her story into a book! (Likely I would, maybe.)

27 named chapters with the 28th in question. I reread it, twice.

I’ve always been amused by the INTJ-ENFP compatibility, somewhat attraction. I was so addicted, for a period of time, I swear, it was as if I was on a witch hunt – to dig out all the INTJs and find “the one.”
They say it’s the law of attraction. For some odd reason, I ended up befriending numerous INTJs; many new found, some old but uncategorised.

My best friend, and FB wife for the longest time, is one of them. Lolx. She’s also the culprit to this addiction.

In the process of this hunt, I dated one, an INTJ that is (I’m an ENFP, in case you’ve mistaken). It didn’t work out. We’re friends in name, but barely speak. The other… well, he still hangs around, but I feel nothing but platonic friendship towards him (occasionally questioning my stupidity – he’s quite a catch).

Oh yes, I made a list. An excel sheet to be specific. Within the list were names of my friends and their personality types. It’s not normal for an ENFP to do something like that, I’m guessing. I’ve never really been one to categorise, stereotype, judge, or… well… I’m quite the “can’t be bothered” type really. But I was just too addicted, I couldn’t resist. I was afraid I would forget. I’ve absorbed too much Priss.

Eventually, it was really forgotten, and the list was lost when my phone got stolen. That ended one insanity.

Like the female INTJ author, I long to write a story, hopefully mine. A story of how I stumbled and failed time after time… and finally, yes finally, met… no, not INTJ, but an INFP!

He is perfect. And I hope my story, this whirlwind life of mine, ends with him by my side, always.

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