Get your Juicy Couture bag! *SALE*

I wouldn’t say I’m a Juicy Couture fan, but I’ve always liked the feel of Juicy, maybe because it always has this pinch of pink and princess-ism to it. Anyway, recently I decided to put together my own online boutique selling my own clothes together with consigned ones from other designer brands like… Juicy Couture! ^^v

Here’s a couple of my top picks, from the store, that are on SALE!

Didn’t I say I like pink? The ‘Juicy Couture Scottie Bling Daydreamer Tote Handbag Purse ~ Pink/Brown In Color‘ currently sells at USD149.99 instead of the usual USD228, that’s about… I donno, 35 percent discounted? A total MUST-BUY!


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