Ranting, yet again.

Weekends are suppose to be off days, but mine… it’s a endless rush to complete the to-do list before the new week arrives. At 3am in the morning, I’m still in front of one of my many devices I use to process work. It’s quite sad really.

The plan today was to catch a movie, I end up watching mioTV movies on demand with my laptop on my laptop as I rush to complete a client’s website and read through the hundreds of emails I missed.

It’s not really that bad, I had Duchess and Miki accompanying me. Plus, P sent a couple of useful reference materials for me to read up on.

This is getting no where.

Okay, I admit, Saturday truly sucked to the max. And to add on to the misery, I was informed the cost of repairing Miley over budgeted, my funds have yet arrived but my bills have. Slightly desperate I’m actually considering taking up unpaid development jobs. What can I say, the harsh reality of life,

Sigh. Enough whining, need to answer more emails before I crash.

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