7 Fashion Must-Haves this 2013!

Fashion never sleeps, and to a certain extent, I seemingly do not either. It’s the month of July and I’ve finally revamped my fashion section! More photos, updates and more! Feedback is more than welcome.

So to restart this lil ol’ (somewhat) fashion blog/section of mine, let’s take a look at the ‘7 Fashion Must-Haves this 2013!

Top designers and industry insiders surprise us all year-round with hot new trends that are perfect for work, school and play. Fashion lovers are bombarded with retailers left and right, especially during that mad-rush holiday shopping season.

Fortunately, the designers and fashions featured by Shopbop have made it so much easier to stay current with today’s top trends.

1. Bring Back Those Buckles


Buckles are everywhere, and they’re not just exclusive to your designer belts. One of the biggest trends this year has been mini buckled boots. Since these boots are a significantly smaller version of classic boots, they can be decked out in buckles without going over the top. These special ankle boots by Jeffery Campbell are truly interchangeable footwear, as they’re ideal for your workday and late night cocktail hours.

2. Back To The Future!


Fashion’s interest in the future has never gone out of style in the industry. In fact, it’s been explored by designers for decades! Starting with Art Deco fashion around the turn of the century, designers are naturally fascinated with what’s ahead in the future. Futuristic fashion is often denoted by sharp angles, a nod to the industrial and space-age themes. Today’s futuristic fashion selections from Shopbop feature exclusive printed bikinis from Seea!

3. Let Your Purse Take The Spotlight


The right purse can offer the finishing touch to a well-planned evening outfit. While clutch purses aren’t your everyday tote bag-style purse, they offer a refreshing touch of elegance and operate as their own works of art. Brilliant clutch purses, like Shopbop’s Rachel Zoe and Santi selection, are front and kentre in 2013’s batch of fashion must-haves.

4. Express Yourself


There’s nothing like a strong piece of text to really make a statement! T-shirts and hoodies with slogans are globally popular and they have been for years. These tees (e.g. Wildfox) started popping up more in the 1970s featuring shirts with famous soda brands for example. A simple yet chic slogan shirt can provide just enough of a kick to spice up a normal pair of jeans and sneakers.

5. Accessorise For Tomorrow


Jewellery is simply timeless. And Shopbop is currently carrying exclusive jewellery from intriguing jewellery designer, Monserat De Lucca. This truly modern piece is literally crafted to mirror an exquisite gold piece of measuring tape!

6. Be Daring With Bold Cuffs

While on the topic of 2013s hottest jewellery trends, die-hard fashion lovers should start investing in today’s wrist cuffs. These Elizabeth & James Cuffs from Shopbop aren’t your everyday cuffs, as they’re crafted with exquisite embellishments for an extravagant edge.

7. Get Your Shine On!

That’s right! Metallic sneakers are a bold new trend that has taken 2013 by storm. To stay current with today’s sporty footwear, check out designer Maison Martin Marigiela‘s exclusive line of metallic high-tops found only on Shopbop.com! These are perfect for routine days at school and late night dance parties at your favourite club.

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