Stepping out… slightly?


Sigh. This is the fourth time this week someone told me so-and-so implied, “You’re throwing yourself at him.” Haha. I didn’t know I had so much time to throw myself at people.

I hardly go out. I stay in the office till wee hours every other day. I’d work 24/7 if I could. And if I had more time, I’d probably just spend more time working.

You’re still talking to me, so I can confidently say I don’t disgust you. If I’m actually throwing myself at you, something should already have happened, no?

Stop being delusional. Apart from V.T., and even for him I’m starting to neutralise, I have no strong feelings for any particular guy, nor “urges”.

If I have open conversations with you, you’re sista zoned (friend zone still has possibilities, sista has none).

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