The morning after…


Every morning, waking up in tears, I know the answers but avoiding still.

It’s clear to me how things will be, but when I open my eyes, when I feel, I can’t help thinking, I have this urge to hope for more.

A writer writes, a singer sings, a musician plays, a poet composes. People like me, we construct ideas, regardless work, regardless love.

Oh dear family and friends, how kind you all are. You give me hope, you push me forward, you make me strong.

If only I had the energy, I would excel, I would be able to move along.

I feel the hurt, I feel the pain, I feel the lost of losing you again. They say through time all wounds will be healed, but time itself is what’s unbearable.

In this head, this huge one above my shoulders, there’s this brain that keeps going in circles.

Day in day out we see the world, we see the lies, the truth, the undesirable.

Again and again the words run through my mind, the words of truth, the words that constantly hunts this vulnerable soul of mine.

Some say try and try again, but others say to let go, for that’s the way to find true peace of mind.

I know I should, I should move along. I shouldn’t wait, I should stay strong.

The many attempts to find new love, new strength; but still I fail, again and again.

The problem here that I foresee is the same problem that has always been, and will always be. To years that have been and years to come, some attributes of mine just is, very wrong.

I blame myself for the lack of foresight, but what I should be blaming is the lack of effort throughout the time.

I wish nothing more but for a chance, but nothing comes without change, without effort, without a plan?

Like I said, people like me, we construct ideas, regardless work, regardless love, regardless be.

Yes, you’re probably right. It’s probably impossible; you let me go, you’re gone, I’m still here.

That said, we’re family. We argue, we fight, we stay apart, but at the end of the day we’re always a part.

True love comes without a price. Relationship on the other hand, takes time, effort, patience, communication, commitment… compromise.

Dear lord, I beg of thee, for all, for nothing… give me a chance to make things right.

I wonder to myself over and over again, is our love truly lost or simply put on hiatus?

For better or for worst, for what is to come. I need you. Not want but need, you make me complete.

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