The many regrets of 2012…

Many things happened in 2012, some of which I wished I could change but sadly, I cannot. Due to the festive holidays and health issues, I’ve been home a lot, too much. Having spent so much time at home, it reminded me a lot about the last five years (going through the past blog entries isn’t helping either), and strangely, I actually miss it.

I don’t really know how to express the feeling that’s overwhelming me right now. What I do know is that I wish I could turn back time. I miss then, really, I do. And I know for the rest of my life, I’m gonna regret having walked away.

I know for a fact, what I’m feeling right now is temporary. I’m vulnerable because I’m losing my confidence. Due to the many many reasons and uncertainties, I’m feeling self pity. Very pathetic.

I really need to start afresh. And to start off, I chopped off my hair.

Again, I’m walking away. The past is clear and over, every one of it. The future is very uncertain but I know I will definitely find what I’m looking for as long as I open my eyes and my heart.

My last goodbye.

P.S. Just so I don’t self torture, I might or might not reinstate the old entries. Five years was a long time, although I’ve always avoided posting too personal stuff, there are still some lingering around.

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