As morning breaks…

Like family and friends, memories are also priceless.


I took this photo when we were still a part. Then, I smiled with my heart, now I smile with my brain.

A smile is still a smile, regardless.

It’d be nice if I could shed a tear for someone else, someone new, for a change. But aside from you, myself, family and those close, I do feel hurt but my heart could never truly cry.

People come and go, they leave memories some good, some not so. To the many that hurt me through different means, I never really hold a grudge cause, to be honest, you meant little to me.

I still talk to those not because I care, not because I’m kind. I still talk to the them cause I feel indifference.

Truth be told, to those, you can only gain, if I let you. You were never ahead, I was never your truly your pawn. I was just a player in a game.

I’ve sinned, in many ways than one. As such, I invite punishment to lessen the guilt.

I was born a tool, it has always been clear. If I’m of no use, my existence would be meaningless.

In #life you play many roles, some that lets you shine, some not so. As a jack, I’m not picky.

I should have known, you were always the one.

You make me happy, you make me sad, you make me angry, you make me bad. In short, you evoke emotions I had.

You say we bring the worst out of one another, therefore we can never be. But the same, we bring the best outta each other, so what does that mean?

There’s two sides to a coin. It takes two to clap.

I will not force, cause I’ve learned to be better than that.

Perhaps with time we’ll both start to see, we’re both truly meant to be. If not, just having you there would suffice already?

My life was simple then. Hopefully, #
simplicity would return.

I am willing to pay the price.

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