I’m addicted. Instead of heading out to party on a Saturday night, I’m home indulging in one drama series after another.

I’m not so keen on the main leads, it’s a story much like every other love story. Ultimately, they will still find each other, so it’s really nothing special. The process however, is pretty interesting. That said, I didn’t watch every episode to properly judge.

What caught my attention is the two kids. Despite their tender age, the bond and love between Emitaro Yamada and Hinata Sakurakawa seemingly surpasses that of adults. The innocence of children…

I wonder if love like this actually exist in reality. I just need one couple telling me that they made a promise as kids, were separated, after many years, found one another again, loved each other throughout, got married, and living happily to date. Just one couple, and I’ll believe such innocent love truly exist. But really, what are the odds?

I pose to be someone pretty emotionless – dramatic, but emotionless. Despite me newly obtain self-control ability, if you actually know me well enough, you’d probably be able to see through my act. There are many seemingly close to me that haven’t actually figured that out yet.

People claim rule the skies above, but all they see is the surface of the ground below.

I suddenly thought of 王子變青蛙 and I finally figured out what is the supposed arrogance I’ve been trying so difficult to explain to others. It’s that certain air that you either have it or you don’t. So far, I think there’s only a handful of people that I know that posses it. “I think” because… well… I can no longer trust my own judgement.

Lately, I keep doing this. I keep trying to reconstruction my fantasy and force it upon reality. I can no longer tell who is what and what is who. I keep planting a certain character for everyone I know until I assume them to be something they are probably not. That said, they could be, but I just can’t seem to separate what’s made believe and what’s the actual reality anymore.

I have this rendezvous feeling when talking to this friend of mine that I newly reacquired. The whole conversation was like the one I had with V. At a certain point, I felt like just sending over the past chat log instead of having repeat myself. But of course, I don’t actually have a copy of the log files.

Anyway, this is probably salvation. They are so similar that I can finally find the flaws of one and deem it upon the other. I know this is a screwed up logic, but it really doesn’t matter.

Really love this song!


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