⚡EASY TESTERS⚡ NEEDED! (+ giveaway for every tester)

For almost eight months, Liqvid has been developing and now proudly present Liqvid Live – а platform for digital screen owners to manage content on their screens remotely, including uploading content, creating playlists, scheduling broadcasts, and more.

This is an android TV app for small and micro business owners utilising digital screens or TVs on their business.

It is created to help cafes and restaurants, fitness centres and gyms, grocery stores, health centres, pharmacies, community centres, automotive repair facilities, schools, universities, barbershops, and other businesses to sell services and entertain their customers.

More cool features of Liqvid Live app here: https://liqvid.io/en

So what they have in mind…

They think that:

  1. They have made the most straightforward app for digital screens to manage content, entertain customers and show them promotional creatives.
  2. You will understand the application in 15 minutes.
  3. You will love to use it on mobile with an intuitive interface.

Liqvid Live would like to ask you to test the app and prove their thoughts or challenge it!

They call it the EASY TESTERS!

Anyone who meets the requirements will be granted a ⭐GIVEAWAY⭐ USD 25 AMAZON GIFT CARD.

You can participate if:

  1. You are a small and micro business owner or manager or administrator: cafes and restaurants, fitness centres and gyms, corner shops or grocery stores, health centres, pharmacies, community centres, automotive repair facilities, schools, universities, barbershops and other businesses…
  2. Have a digital screen with Android on your business: TV with an android TV box, smart TV, monitor, digital billboard, video wall or digital signage display, digital menu board, signboard, tablet screen etc.

**What you have to do while testing:

**0. Register your Google email on their website https://liqvid.io/en/testers – Liqvid Live will never spam you.

1. Simply search for the app on Google play using the “digital signage” search tag https://play.google.com/.

2. Install the app on your android screen. This is the point where Liqvid Live wants to understand if you can do it on your own. So there will be no help from them on purpose.

3. Follow the guide on the screen and try to put your content (images, videos) on the screen. Or create your own content to put on a screen using the app.

If needed for registration, please use the email that you have provided on their web site.

4. Feel free to use the Liqvid Live app on your screens with no limitations for five days.

5. After this, submit a form with four easy questions about your experience with the Liqvid Live app; that’s it! Do it here: Check and Submit results.

The main question is – Was it EASY? %)

Extras for you:

  1. Extra USD 10 giveaway if you send us the photo of your TV screen in a venue running the Liqvid Live app.
  2. Bottle of wine (e-coupon) if you did not understand the app in 15 minutes!

Feel free to leave a comment on the app here, in this thread.

Here is a short intro to the company: Liqvid is a team of professional developers of high quality and easy-to-use digital signage software. They are a fast-growing company based in Singapore and Russia. Our goal is to help grow small and medium-sized businesses. They are already trusted by more than 1,000 users that broadcast various content on more than 1,500 screens worldwide. Our clients represent all types of business: healthcare, cafes, banking, sport and leisure, retail etc.

More details at https://liqvid.io/en.

Have a nice day and stay safe!

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