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Japanese cuisine has always been a favourite choice of mine, especially sushi that is properly prepared with fresh ingredients. I would say salmon sushi being on the top three personal picks of mine.

Going through the menu over at Sushi Delivery Singapore, I must say that I was a little impressed at the variety of sushi that I could choose from. The options available were usually only available at higher-end Japanese restaurants.

I quickly settled down on the following dishes: salmon aburi maki, avocado maki, samurai unagi aburi maki and tamago mentai. Let’s move ahead and dive into the near future!

Fast forward a couple of days, the delivery arrived!

First impressions, I wasn’t really impressed by the plastic containers that contained the sushi, however, the sushi inside looks amazing! Without further ado, here is my review of the dishes:

Salmon aburi maki review

I quite enjoy a dash of mentaiko sauce on my sushi, especially on salmon slices nowadays. The flavour bomb always leaves a delightful impression, I would say the salmon tastes fresh and blends well with the sushi rice. I give this a seven out of ten nori rolls!

Avocado maki review

Sweet crab sticks work so well with creamy avocado, plus the additional flavours of tango mentai, nori, sweet tobiko and Japanese mayonnaise blended really well with the sushi rice. Out of ten nori rolls, this scores an eight!

Samurai unagi aburi maki review

I really enjoy unagi, with the only turnoff being the little bits of bones. I’m glad they took the time to remove the little bits of bones so that I could enjoy the unagi sushi without much effort! However, I didn’t really appreciate the cheddar cheese flavour-wise. Other than that, it was pretty decent! A six out of ten nori rolls!

Tamago mentai review

There is a saying that goes for sushi restaurants, try their basic tamago dish and you will know how the rest of the food tastes like. Personally, their tamago dish tastes a little overpowering with the mentaiko sauce, probably could do better with spreading the sauce instead of a droplet form to balance the overall taste profile! This dish scores a six out of ten nori rolls!

And the overall winning dish goes to… avocado maki!

I must say this was a surprising choice as I was more inclined towards the salmon sushi initially. However, the optimal blend of crab sticks, mayo and avocado really got me on my tastebuds! A definite must-try!

Head over to Sushi Delivery Singapore today and get your dose of Japanese tasty bites!

P.S. Some of the photos are shot by Owari. Find out the “5 Best Sushi Delivery in Singapore” at Best In Singapore.

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