Best In Singapore: Shepherd’s Pie Singapore

Ever since I was young, I have always craved lasagna, mostly because of how Garfield craves for it. Not attributing the entire motivation based on a comic strip, lasagnas have that really rich creamy, cheesy texture that just satisfies a ton of craving for heartwarming food. Especially, that, burnt, crust. It’s really, really, delicious. Whatever logic that is based on, well-made lasagna never fails to satisfy and fill me up!

Fast forward to the present, I found an online store that specializes in pies and creamy stuff like shepherd’s pies, mac ‘n’ cheese and most importantly, lasagna. 

Their lasagna, called Sienna’s Traditional Lasagna (Triplo Cheese), was voted as the best lasagna in Singapore. Wow, that’s a really bold claim, and I can’t wait to be the judge of that statement!

I quickly made a purchase and waited for the day for the food to arrive!

The portion I ordered was a “Large Tray”, which can serve up to 3 people. When it arrived, they weren’t kidding about it being “Large”. The portion they served can easily feed 4 grownups and keep them satisfied for quite some time.

When I lifted off the plastic cover of the tray, I was greeted by an amazing aroma of cheesy goodness! Wow, they weren’t kidding about their lasagna being the best, just the delicious aroma is enough to bring me to my knees!

I whipped out a large knife and started to slice into the thick, creamy delight! When I sliced open the lasagna, the cheesy goodness filled the entire room. So far so good, my expectations just kept rising.

I placed a nice chunky slice on my plate and begin working on it with a fork and spoon.

When I took my first bite, I was pleasantly surprised by the richness of the creamy cheese. The ratio of pasta to cheese seems like it couldn’t be any better! It was delicious beyond doubt.

Before I even knew it, I was already working on my second slice. I guess I eat like I have two stomachs in me. But I can’t help it, the lasagna was that good.

The entire tray was polished off in less than an hour. 

Head over to Shepherd’s Pie Singapore today and try their delicious pies today! 

P.S. Some of the photos were shot by Owari. Find out about the “15 Best Pie Delivery in Singapore” at Best In Singapore today.

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