Princessa’s 2021 new look!

I can’t believe how time flies by so quickly. I remember in August I was telling myself, how I’m going to start blogging more regularly so I can keep track of life and how I’m going to be looking at my blog 30 years later and say, “Oh those were great ol’ times.”

In the last blog post, excluding the enchanted stories, I even said I was going to compile the list of Chinese animes I’m watching, so you guys can watch them with me! Still so gonna do that so if you’re chanced on this post for the first time, you should subscribe and stay tuned!

Anyway, anyhow…

#Onceuponatime, every birthday I would organise parties for my friends and well… strangers to just… party! I have to say, my twenties were a lot more insane than my thirties. Not complaining, people change, and I’m not displeased with my less chaotic life in any way.

For all I know, before I turn to my forties, I might have a mid-life crisis again and revert back to the ol’ Sab that well, goes out every day, again? (There is a 1 percent chance it might happen, but I really don’t think so. Quite satisfied with how life is might travel though, I’ve not seen enough of the world yet.)

Coming back, this year’s birthday was a bit more unexpected. For one, we had a small house party – considering it’s still phase two, there are limitations to how big a house party we can accommodate.

I’ve always liked big houses and was never really attuned to the HDB environment. I’m not saying this in an arrogant manner, but in my childhood, we lived in a landed house, so there’s a lot more space than a flat and now that I really like staying home, having space to accommodate people coming over rather than me going out, is more of an ideal situation. But I’m accommodating, worst case, I can always migrate abroad where space is less of an issue and more affordable.

Ling, my childhood friend (we literally know each other for 27 years, OMG), came over to help celebrate! She bought me the mini Hello Kitty mahjong set and a super cute Hello Kitty jelly cake! IT WAS ADORABLE and the first time I had a jelly birthday cake.

All in all, it was a great birthday and to end it off, my Princessa avatar has a facelift!

In all honesty, in real life, I’ve not dyed my hair pink yet (and I’m obviously not as slim as my avatar, but maybe one day I can be, again); but I plan to, eventually.

I was really contemplating on whether I should redesign the hair or not, but Elora (my lead designer) convinced me that my avatar need NOT be exactly what my real life looks like (considering the slimness of the avatar was already based on my best self and not my current self in the first place).

So, what do you think of the new look? Yea or nay?

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