Lab.Med 3-ply face mask now available at!

We want to keep you safe in the time of the pandemic.

That’s why we’ve curated disposable face masks in stores for you!

Here’s what you get with Lab.Med’s masks:

✔️ Regular isolation grade.
✔️ In-lab certified Backeteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE).
✔️ With >=95% Virus Filtration Efficiency (VFE).

Lab.Med’s masks are manufactured in a cleanroom production environment with the stringent implementation of good manufacturing practices and strict quality control measures.

That’s not all. To achieve product integrity and to ensure that our product provides people with the utmost protection for their well-being, we put our products through series of rigorous international testing methodologies; i.e. ASTM F2101, ATCC 13706-B1, ASTM F1862 (non-exhaustive).

Easy to use and designed to elevate user comfort, get high-quality disposable face masks when you get them from cause we only share what we use ourselves.

Box of 50s now available for SGD 32. Get them now right here before supply runs out.

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