Netflix shows to binge on this Holy Week

This week is very important for Christians around the world. It is the week that comes before Easter, the feast of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In solidarity with our Christian friends, here are some Netflix shows that you can watch to better understand the essence of Holy Week in Christian Tradition.

The Jesus Code

This documentary is a historic view of the life of Jesus Christ and the world that he lived in. The first episode talks about what happens on Good Friday which is the day commemorating the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Based on the scholarly and scientific examination of six relics so important in the Christian tradition, this is the best show to gain a deeper understanding of what Good Friday and the entire Holy Week is all about.

Come Sunday

Fresh from its Sundance success, Come Sunday features a star-studded cast that will definitely inspire any person to finally confront some existential questions that are usually just ignored or swept under the rug. Follow the true story of Minister Carlton Pearson as he fights for universal reconciliation which is the belief that no matter how sinful a person is, because of “divine love and mercy, he or she will ultimately be reconciled to God.” Forgiveness and salvation are two of the cornerstones of the Holy Week so this film is yet another must-watch for the season.

The Gospel of John

Most of what we know about Jesus Christ is from the Bible. What better way to know more about the Holy Week than to learn it from the Christians’ Holy Scriptures? The Gospel of John is a word-for-word film adaptation of the Bible’s Gospel of John. Make sure your Easter Netflix playlist has this one in the queue.

Joseph: King of Dreams

This 74-minute film is a gem of a film for children. It talks about Joseph, the man with the multi-coloured coat. This bible story is quite popular since it has been turned into a musical play. Catch it with the family right before the Easter Egg hunt!

Interview with God

Our final pick is this film that is as intriguing as it is touching. Interview with God tells the story of a young journalist returning from Afghanistan to face several personal crises. It is right about this time that he was granted an interview with a man claiming to be God. What happens next? Well, you have to watch to find out.

Whatever your religion is or whatever you believe in, it’s always good to set some time to take a pause and reflect on the most important things in life. Why not do it this Holy Week? Enjoy these films on Netflix and have a blessed weekend ahead.

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