Celebrating #EachforEqual

It’s that time of the year again – the day we rally with other women to celebrate and embrace International Women’s Day. March 8 of every year is a significant date because it drives the eyes of many toward the movement of women’s rights.

When it first started in NYC on February 28, 1909, Clara Zetkin, a German socialist, was the face of the movement. She proposed that March 8 be honoured as the day to celebrate working women.

Fast forward to 2020, women worldwide are still fighting to break the glass ceiling and pushing to enable equality at home and work. This year, we are looking towards an equal world. We want to enable the world through gender equality.

International Women’s Day should not just be celebrated by women, it should be recognised and embraced by men as well – it is a BUSINESS issue.

Let’s think for a moment; without women, would economies and communities thrive? Why is it that women are still sidelined?

I for one, am all for gender equality in the boardroom, in the media, in sports, in health, in wealth, and more. This is why I am going to be using the hashtag #EachforEqual.

As a businesswoman, I feel the need to highlight these issues as we commemorate this day. In the business world, I can’t help but feel that it is easier for men to pave their way in this field. I put in double the work, double the time, and more persuasive power in the boardroom. When our community celebrates our efforts equally, our actions, conversations, behaviours, and mindsets will positively impact society. It is part of educating the young, the old, and OF COURSE, the ignorant.

The IWD 2020 campaign is looking at ‘Collective Individualism’, a notion where individuals are unique but at the same time, alike. This means that no one of us is better or different from anyone else.

In light of this, I want to involve my businesses in the #EachforEqual movement.

Here’s how you can join me:

1. Shop outfits at PRINCESSA by Sabrina Wang. Wear it as an #ootd and use #EachforEqual. Put your arms out front (like an equal sign) and STRIKE the #EachforEqual pose. We can make it VIRAL!

2. Join a social media platform that supports women, such as PINC. It is a social media site that rewards users for engaging on the platform, so there are EQUAL advantages and opportunities for ALL USERS. Use the #EachforEqual hashtag for each image posted.

3. Join a community that embraces the work of women. My club, Royal Privileged is a community that aspires to bring businesspersons to a stage where they can acquire better opportunities and connections. I want to support your work through this platform.

This #IWD2020, are you with me in making this world an EQUAL place? Share this post with your friends and spread the word!

Happy International Women’s Day.

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