I have a feeling… a STRONG feeling that 2020 is going to be an exponentially amazing year. It tingles at my fingertips and I feel it in my gut.

2019 brought many lessons my way and instead of staring at them in shock, I picked up these lessons and placed them in my arsenal for the year 2020.

I learnt that there is always a RESTART button and hence, I got myself a new diary (a physical one, not the blog www.princessadiary.com) and listed my goals for the new year. It included personal goals that revolve around self-care, self-development and lifestyle upgrades. I also noted finance goals and most importantly, the redirection of the businesses I am running.

You can say that when the clock struck 12 and we entered into the year 2020…



I was like a super-charged energizer bunny!

The past few days were momentous for me. My social media platform crossed TWO MILLION users. Mosanco, a brand I am involved with, increased its range of products to include a rose flavoured Mosanco Tea and also Mosanco Recovery. That is not all, Royal Privileged went live with the opening of our clubhouse and coming right after is the opening of the second clubhouse!

If you think that is all, it is not!

Yes, I am typing and hyperventilating at the same time – from excitement.

My brand is also involved in a couple of collaborations that include Brickstone Club, Taifu and an upcoming makeup academy.

One glow up that will definitely involve YOU, my readers, is the upgraded site of PRINCESSA by Sabrina Wang where my apparel is sold. PRINCESSA by Sabrina Wang, yes it’s MUA now features a brand new collection of the latest styles that I have carefully curated. Dresses for parties, work, date nights and a casual day out are in the brand new collection. If you are looking to dress up, I’ve all you need at the revamped site.

Now tell me, isn’t 2020 spectacular?

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