Inspired by Maggie Q

Don’t you just love rags to riches stories? I know I do.

I just want to shine a light on Margaret Denise Quigley, also known as Maggie Q.

She had humble beginnings in Tokyo as a model, tried out her luck in Taiwan, and before her career took flight in Hong Kong. Now, we see her as a woman hyper-focused in her acting career. But did you know that she was featured at #BlogHer19 Biz for her break in entrepreneurship?

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, her heart was always for the oceans. Hence, she made it a mission to create sustainable activewear called Qeep Up (pronounced Keep Up). When I found out about it, I did a quick Google check on the brand and ooh, I was not disappointed!

The activewear in their catalogue was gorgeous. I especially loved the ocean tie-dye ones. As I flipped through the catalogue, I became more excited and inspired.

You see, unlike Maggie Q, I am no actress, I am a blogger. But like Maggie Q, I am an aspiring entrepreneur. I knew that there were gold nuggets I could pick up from her.

First, she had a mission, which was for the environment, specifically the ocean. Hence, she created a product that supported that mission.

Two, her product is directed toward her mission. All the products are made from 100 percent recycled filaments, including pre-consumer waste. No tags are printed on paper. However, the relevant information is printed on the fabric to reduce waste.

Three, she worked hard toward her goal. It was not something she tasked another person to do. She put in her effort, the time to research to find out more about products, and brainstormed ways on how to achieve sustainability and fit.

Inspired? I certainly am. It is a constant reminder to me every day that I should keep on keeping on – that with what I put in, I am closer to my dream.

Thanks, Maggie Q!

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