Time to tie the knot

No, we do not hear wedding bells nor is anyone getting married. However, it is the perfect time to marry knotted fashion pieces to your wardrobe staples. Remember the time when most footwear had long ribbons attached to them and we had to wrap it around our ankles and ribbon them up like ballerinas? It was pretty but oh, the hassle of getting in and out of them!

Today, fashion has progressed to be more convenient (similar to the advancement of technology) and the knots have been simplified – but still alluringly pretty. We thought it’d be a great idea for us to share some of our favourite knotted items from Shopbop, so you can get knotty with us.


Reformation Valley Top

Made from pure-linen, this smocked top clings on like a bodice before opening up with a slight peplum at the bottom. Romantic and so easy to wear (no ironing needed), the stand-out bows on the shoulders bring emphasis to the face and clavicle. Wear this with a pair of jeans or a mini skirt and you’d be set for a day out.

Alexander Wang Poplin Tie Waist Skort

It is only a matter of time before your significant other tells you to stop stealing his shirts and making it your own. Urgh, what a bummer that he found out too! But not to worry, your favourite carefree wear is here and girl, its a skort! Don’t need to worry about accidentally flashing our hoo-haa’s. Perfect in white plaid, it comes with a zip at the front which you can tie over with the makeshift sleeves. Better still, there are pockets!
The only thing you have to worry about is not to have him accidentally pack your skort for his work trip. It would be really awkward if he did. Yikes!

Mortunas Trellis Guaria Rextangle Box Bag

At first glance, we were like, OMG, what a gorgeous colour! Acetate resin in deep green! Then when we saw how versatile the straps are, we fell deeper in LOVE. Yes, with the soft fabric strap, you can elongate them to make it a crossbody bag or double tie the straps to hang it over your shoulder – it is entirely up to you. Equipped with a removable drawstring pouch and sturdy metal feet, we don’t see why we should not add this to our collection of bags. This piece is funky but still functional and that is the way we like our bags to be.

Costarellos Bow Tie Bishop Sleeve Top

If you want a statement top, this bow detail neckline blouse is it. Costarellos is known to be the master of all things lace and this classic feminine design made from flocked tulle spells romance. Wear it with a tank or a posh bralette underneath and vavavoom, you are ready to own the night! Dress it in a pencil skirt for formal occasions or glittery high-waisted leggings for that 80’s flair that will make you a star on the dance floor.

Alexandre Birman Patty 75mm Sandals

No ankle lace but just a simple knot to put this pair of heels to work. With yellow and white stripes, the colour is aptly named Sunflower. Yes, it would be perfect for a day strolling amongst a field of flowers, in a thin cotton dress and braids in our hair. Something like Anne of Green Gables, but of course, more fashionable.


Would you like to put a little bit more effort into the items in your closet and leveling up on your fashion game by adding a knot or two? We think this lot are perfect as staples and statement pieces. We would like to know what you think about it? Comment below and if you have any other opinion on the types of fashion pieces or advice you’d like us to unveil because we are all ears – and our fingers are ready to type it all out for you to read.

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