Shopbop’s must-have jewelleries for her

It’s no secret that all women love jewellery, and we’re not just talking about diamonds! There are sapphires, emeralds, pearls (and the list goes on) to fall head over heels in love for, even better when you’re buying it for someone important.

If you’re still racking your brains on what to get that special someone in your life, then adding more jewellery to their collection will certainly make their hearts melt!

This holiday season, invest in some sparkles to make your loved ones OOTD shine! Here are some fabulous finds, exclusively for you.

Rachel Comey Furrow Earrings

Don’t stick with the typical designs everyone is currently wearing! Instead, try out these blue earrings that are museum-worthy. This pair will surely make one’s OOTD more interesting with its unique hue and cut!

Suzanne Kalan 18K Rainbow Fireworks Necklace

If you’re looking for something elegant, then your search is officially over! Far from being over-the-top, this necklace comprises of different coloured gems so you can make a statement without being too showy.

Suzanne Kalan Fireworks 18k Gold Eternity Band Ring

Rings have always been a symbol of love, but just because they are a classic, doesn’t mean they have to look boring! This eternity band ring will look unquestionably gorgeous on any finger!

Shashi Jamie Hoop Earrings

Here is different take on the current hoop earrings fad! This pink and blue pair with encrusted jewels adds an accent of fun to a casual outfit in monochrome colours.

Jane Taylor 14k Oval Cuff

Move away bracelets, hello simple, demure cuffs! If you want a simple take to a wrist accessory, this basic option will add elegance to any outfit, especially when you want the bangle without all the jangle!

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry Clover Necklace with Diamond

If you’re looking for something meaningful to give, then this one would be the perfect gift! A four-leaf clover is often associated with luck, so gifting this to someone would mean you always want them to have the best things in life! Could there be anything more valuable than that?

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