Shopbop’s halloween treat

Trick or treat, anyone?

Shopbop is opening their doors for you this Halloween, and you are one lucky customer since it will be all treats for you from our favourite online store. During this day, everyone dresses to impress-from sexy witches to magical fairies. It is only on this fun day that people can wear as bizarre as they could, and not be deemed too obnoxious.

To help you improve your style game this Halloween, here are some suggestions.

Michael Kors Mini Sofie Watch, 36mm

Anyone dreaming of becoming a magical beast on Halloween? This watch is perfect for you as there’s nothing quite like its design, which somewhat resembles peacock feathers. It would even fit if you choose to be a pixie.

Kate Spade New York Embellished Cat Pop Top Mittens

Down the rabbit hole, you go with these Cheshire cat inspired mittens! There’s always something hypnotic about the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, and these mittens will help you achieve that cunning look.

Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle Sandals

If there’s anything Greek gods and goddesses wear, it would probably be these pair of Birkenstocks. It fits well in almost any type of outfit, and it is also comfortable. You can rule with ease if you wear this pair on a daily basis.

T by Alexander Wang Cropped Bomber Jacket

Any fans of Austin Powers out there? Well, this bomber jacket would fit right in the movie if you asked me. With this on, you would steal the spotlight from the leading actor himself, and you would look effortless doing it.

Heidi Klum Olivia Dawn Chemise

There is no problem looking angelic with this white chemise! Not only would you look classy and sexy, but you would also have that demure vibe radiate around you. Especially with this divinely constructed chemise, you will no doubt look like an elegant and refined debutante.

For more Halloween-inspired designs, head on to Shopbop before the most coveted items become sold out.

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