Bold moves at Shopbop

Ready to get out of your cocoon and become the most magnificent and electrifying butterfly in a sea of dull pastel colours?

Well, Shopbop has you covered from head to toe!
Under their fall collection, Shopbop has released new designs that cater to their clientele with more daring and creative interests. From leopard prints, plaids, to glitters, these items will shine from across the room.

As they all say, what is life without a little bit more colour?

Here are some looks that caught our attention:

alice + olivia Kylie Removable Hoodie Coat

Leopard patterns have always been a fashion favourite, and with this draped across your body, you can look as ferocious as these felines in the wild. Match this with black boots or heels, and no one will mistake you for a pushover.

alice + olivia Annabella Maxi Dress

Look extra festive with this multi-coloured maxi dress! Avoid looking glum with the typical black, blue, or nude hues people often don during this season and opt to wear more eye-catching colours to separate yourself from the crowd.

alice + olivia Glennie Patchwork Jacket

Ornate patterns are something we love to see different celebrities wear on the red carpet, but we usually do not dare to follow them as these may seem “too-bold” for our tastes. But, don’t be afraid to take a chance with unique patterns crafted by fantastic fashion designers, since the right twist and match can make sure you become a showstopper!

alice + olivia Ramos Fitted Skirt

Shopbop is here to fulfil your mermaid dreams with fitted skirts that will complement your figure, and show off those sizzling curves! Bold colours are a must in this season, and what better way than to wear items that glitter all throughout the day? Sequins will make you shine if you opt to forego diamonds on some days.

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