4 body needs (and supplements) to keep up in your daily routine

Our lives demand more and more from us every day, and to push forward; our bodies also need to keep the rhythm. Health is critical when it comes to the body holding up to our needs, but are we paying enough attention to it?
Chances are our performance feels somewhat lacking – even if we look like we’re at “good enough” shape, tiredness always seems to sneak when getting out of bed, even when we have a “good sleep”.

Daily supplements, with its vitamins and energetics, are designed to give us a kickstart every day and help us maintain our bodies active and energised all routine long. Here’s a list of your body’s daily chemical needs, and the supplements that can satisfy them.


A natural supplement with B Vitamins that pumps energy into your body to optimize your performance. It also increases your longevity, and aids in the production of hormones and proteins needed to maintain the nervous system.

We recommend the Nature’s B-100 Complex for your Vitamin B needs.

Thyroid Booster

A non-working thyroid gland can result in body fat you can’t get rid of, depression and more. Thyroid Energy by NOW combines Iodine (with Kelp) and Tyrosine, the two integral constituents of thyroid hormone, with the minerals Selenium, Zinc and Copper, to assist in production.

NOW’s Thyroid Energy is also known for supporting a healthy metabolism, thanks to its Guggul extract.

Immune System Support

Did you know breast milk is critical for every mammal during the first 48 hours after being born? During that time, the mother produces Colostrum, a pre-milk fluid with an extremely high concentration of immunoglobulins, a unique and essential chemical necessary for a healthy immune system.

However, we don’t need to be children to get a dose of Colostrum anymore – you can fully enjoy its benefits of increased overall immunity and assisting in the maintenance of a healthy bacterial response.

Colostrum by NOW is a very healthy choice.

Mood Enhancement

There’s a small chemical called Theanine that does a lot of pulling up for your mood: it induces non-drowsy relaxation, improves learning abilities by releasing serotonin, enhances pleasure by releasing dopamine, and even protects the brain from negativity by fending off glutamate toxins.

You too can give your mood a power-up with Theanine supplements, and we recommend Theanine 100 by Jarrow Formula for this.

From energetic vitamins to mood enhancement and maintaining your immune system in top position, here’s a list of your body’s daily chemical needs, and the right supplements for them.

There are many more supplements you can use to energise your body in many ways, and we recommend checking A1 supplement selection if you are looking for these and more performance-related supplements.

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