Homemade, all-natural masks to make your skin glisten

Don’t know what to do to make your skin look perfect? There are masks for every type of skin (or skin problem), and here we have a list of natural masks you can do at home and will make your skin look healthier and more beautiful.

Exfoliating masks

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Our first option for you is straightforward. First, you need to crush two (2) almonds until they look like dust, and mix them with one (1) spoon of honey and one (1) spoon of lemon. Apply the mix with a soft massage on your face, let it sit from 10 to 15 minutes and remove it with cold water. Honey is good for the skin as it’s a natural moisturiser, lemon helps bleach dark spots, cure acne, and it gives your skin a distinctive shine, but you have to use it carefully and try to apply it at night since lemon can cause burns on the day when combined with sun rays.

If your skin is very sensitive, don’t use lemons, instead crush three (3) medium strawberries with a spoon of natural yoghurt, put it in your face and let it act for 15 minutes, then remove it with warm water. Strawberries are a natural source of salicylic acid that helps clean impurities in the skin.

For oily skins

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For oily skins, an easy and effective mask is one made of mixing three (3) spoons of yoghurt, two (2) spoons of oats and two (2) spoons of orange zest. Just place the paste on the face and wait for 15 minutes. With this mask, you will say goodbye to that oily touch.

Another good option is watermelon, as it works like a natural tonic. Take a slice of watermelon and remove the pulp and seeds; only the white part should adhere to your skin. Press it against the face and let it dry for 20 minutes, then remove with cold water.

For dry skins

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Dry skins need moisturising all the time, and a good, natural option is to mix one (1) banana, four (4) spoons of oat and one (1) spoon of honey; apply your face and let it act for 15 minutes, then remove it with water (any temperature works).

For another good mask for dry skins, use half a ripe avocado, crush it with a fork and add two teaspoons of almond oil. You can substitute almond oil for mineral oil (baby oil), as it is an excellent, non-occlusive moisturiser. Apply it over the face and leave it for 20 minutes, and remove with warm water.

For acne

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A good option for acne problems is this effective mask.

Prepare an infusion of chamomile, take the stem of an aloe vera plant and remove the liquid to add it to chamomile. Then, add a handful of coriander, crush the mixture and place the dough on the face for 15 minutes. Then, remove with warm water. The chamomile is very helpful for acne problems because it’s a natural anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictive and anti-allergenic.

Another fantastic option for reducing acne is preparing a mask where you mix a bowl 100 grams of natural aloe, 100 grams of a mile, a tablespoon of wheat germ oil and clay. Mix all the ingredients, apply on your wet skin and let it act until it begins to dry. Then wash your face with cold water. Aloe repairs all skin burns thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties that deflate damaged areas, and its daily use moisturises and softens the skin acting as an excellent cell regenerator.

If you are a bit too busy for preparing your masks, though, a good exfoliating mask is ReVive Exfoliating Cleanser Soft Polishing Cream, with a gentle formula that deeply cleans congested pores and energises your skin, leaving it with a healthy glow.

Another great option is Clarins Cleansing Milk with Gentian, a botanically-based milky cleanser that maintains a perfect balance while cleansing impurities in your skin, and Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil for dry skin that helps prevent moisture loss and the formation of lines.

For acne, you could try the Malin+Goetz Daytime Acne Treatment, as it contains natural acids that eliminate acne-causing dirt, oil and bacteria without drying your skin.

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