Here are 3 things that will help ease your mornings

Every morning when that alarm goes off, a sense of dread fills up the mind. Hands fumbling around in the dark, attempting in a last-ditch attempt to find the snooze button to get that few more precious minutes of sleep. My morning routines were like these for a long while, until I figured out how to make my mornings a little better, with just the addition of these 3 cool things:

1. A really good alarm clock

Gone were the days where we used large clunky bellringing alarm clocks to wake ourselves with a frightful “brrrrinnggg!”. Fast-forward to the present, I realized owning the latest Samsung smartphoneΒ means I have access to a digital alarm clock with this really cool function: Letting the alarm speak out the time – The holy grail of alarm clocks!

Don’t you recall how many times we have fumbled around in the dark, religiously refusing to open our eyes to embrace the blue light screens of our phones, just to find out that there’s still sufficient time to nap a little more? With this additional function, I can easily know how much I have been snoozing so far without opening my eyes anymore! A must have to keep the mornings easier to manage!

2. A sexy Nespresso machine

Sometimes I feel like waking up to an invigorating aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and most times, I really like a good cup of caffeinated expresso to jumpstart my day right! Owning a Nespresso machine with a couple of fancy coffee pods, these consistently quality tasting expressos are what I eagerly look forward every morning. Probably one of the only fat-free indulgences I pampered myself on a daily basis with!

To know more about Nespresso Machines, visit this link:Β

3. A really convenient electronic toothbrush

If there is a way to avoid using too much physical strength in the morning, I-will-do-it-because-it-makes-me-feel-better lol. I used to find brushing a chore, but now it’s a breeze thanks to the automatic spinning circular brush top of an electronic toothbrush. I will recommend Oral B or Philips as a starting point if you guys are keen!

Those are the three things I usually look forward to in the morning to keep me happy for the rest of the day, how about you? What are some things that make your mornings easier?

Oh! By the way, here’s a quick look at those sexy Nespresso Machines again:Β

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  1. That’s the obvious things for boys and girls both. IN place of mobile, alarm clock still works if they are some kind of specialized clocks that are strongly made to wake you up.