Disrupting the men’s fashion world with I’M1 with Level Brands

Known for introducing bold, unconventional and socially responsible brands focusing on the new world of consumers, Level Brands has done it again within the fashion industry, this time with a really edgy men-centric label called I’M1, which stands for Ireland Men One.

This new line of clothings was co-founded by Tommy Mehary. A father, businessman, fashion model, marine, Tommy embodies the essence of the modern men.

Here’s a quick preview of the fashion lines coming up from I’M1:

I’M1 by AndrΓ© Phillipe

With a team of relentless doers,Β passionate about inspiring the market through menswear, this company gives to the world one of the best internationally recognised designs for men’s clothing. Aptly summarised in their mission, “your wardrobe speaks before you do. Speak well. Wear I’M1 by AndrΓ© Phillipe.

I’M1 by Kure Vaporium

Vaping is the new cool. Not only do they provide millions of different custom blended vape juice from their bar, they also have a huge range of premium third-party juices hand-selected for quality, taste by their own Kurators. The modern man ain’t trendy enough unless he vapes, and Kure Vape’s the way forward.

I’M1 by Loose Leaf Eyewear

With more than 30 years of experience under their belt, Loose Leaf Eyewear brings to the table experience with style. What’s better than to complete the entire modern man look with a pair of radical sunglasses? I’M1 sunglasses are probably one of the coolest around.

I know we are not all business people, but if there was a clothing company we should invest in, considering adding LEVB into our portfolio should be top on our to-do list.

Watch out guys, I’M1 is here to take over as the leading label for the men’s fashion industry.

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