Brand new organic skin care line from Poetry’s

Words from the founder: I dare you to try this one! Korean cosmetics is nowadays booming, right? But this one is from Thailand, the brand new skin care line from Poetry’s. Watch out!

I know all along that in Thailand, they have so many good ingredients. Yep, both for food and spa. I have tried their spa products. I like them but this one is different. It is not spa product. It stands out to be a skin care. And it is organic! They say no to chemicals, paraben, even fragrance.

I got this one as a gift from my best friend. She loves skincare and she has tried sopixabay many products. She found out that the best skin care must be natural. The good ones will actively make your skin healthy. The fragrance and chemicals in nowadays products are not okay for your skin. You feel good when you smell fragrance but in long term, they are all bad for your skin.

Poetry’s O.M.G. consists of organic aloe vera and coconut. Aloe vera, we all know the benefits. This one combines with coconut. They all will make your skin healthy and bright. And of course, no chemicals.
You know what, after trying this product, I am obsessed with organic products. I think it is time to think in the long run. I feel bad to my skin, I had been using chemicals for a long time.

The Poetry’s O.M.G. can be found on the website: and Instagram

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